NHA Development League

Welcome to the NHA Development League pages

The NHA Development League was started in the 2020-21 season (and was the ‘brain-child’ of Simeon Green) as a large number of our most junior teams were placed in a ‘Central Midlands’ division within the MRHA league structure.  This was going to mean that sides made up of our counties most junior players and beginners could have found them covering large numbers of away game miles.  We had previously seen county clubs withdraw teams either before, or during the season as the travel requirements were too onerous.  There was also no obvious path for a team of 7 or 8 new players who wanted match experience being able to easily participate outside the formal, Midlands league structure.

One of our main objectives as a County Association is to try and remove obstructions to, and grow participation in this sport we all love so by formally introducing a development league we were able to draft our own set of ‘light touch; league rules which allow more flexible match days and start times and also participation requirements.

It also gives a prime opportunity for those club umpire developers to engage prospective umpires in a scenario where there is not quite the same ‘win at all costs’ mentality that is sometimes prevalent in proper league matches.

Please participate in these matches in the friendly manner in which they were envisaged ‘Development for all’.

Supporting Hockey in Nottinghamshire.