The Role of the Volunteer Coordinator

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The Role of the Volunteer Coordinator

The crucial role of overseeing club volunteers

Clubs will benefit greatly from having a volunteer coordinator – a single contact who supports their volunteers, knows them all by name and what each of them does.

In this workshop, volunteers will learn exactly what this role entails and how they can become an even greater asset to their club by taking it on.

By participating in this workshop you will be able to:

  • understand the role of the volunteer coordinator
  • know how to interpret a club development plan and its volunteering implications
  • learn how best to recruit and retain volunteers and recognise and reward them
  • know how to access local, regional and national programmes to support the implementation of a volunteer action plan.

Being prepared to take on the role of club volunteer coordinator will help participants to play a crucial part in the future of their sports club.

Kind Regards
Denise Richards
Sports Development Manager (Community Sports System) for Nottinghamshire