Mens County Championships

From our County Chairman:

For 2 years WE as a County have failed to produce a squad of players from our combined club ranks to represent Nottinghamshire in the Men’s senior County Championships and I hope like me you feel this is a situation that should be remedied and we need your club and its members to support initiatives proposed by our officers, county playing and coaching members to get it going again.

It was pleasing for me to hear at the start of the season that Jim Hewitt, Clive Morris, Adam Innocent to name but 3 are prepared to put their time and effort into the organisation required by arranging coaching, a selection process, a friendly match and the squad that will attend .

This is my plea on behalf of those wanting to resurrect the County team for your clubs support when you receive further finer details of the process and the event from the aforementioned.

Please don’t just bin this – I am sure there are enough players within our 12 clubs with 54 teams who would love an opportunity to;

  • Receive some coaching
  • Play hockey with some different players to learn and share ideas and skills
  • Try a level of hockey they may not have attained but aspire to
  • play for their county (again if they played S&Y and left with nowhere else to go)
  • Get away for a great social weekend away from the ‘usual company’ but with the common bond of representing Nottinghamshire and of course themselves.

Many of us take pride in being Nottinghamshire; please support the guys organising this and lets get our team back into county hockey.

Andy Barnes

Nottinghamshire’s Pool has been drawn and we are proud to announce that matches will be played at Highfields on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May 2012.


  • Cumbria
  • Hereford
  • Isle of Man
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Northamptonshire

There will be 5 matches per day (so 10 in total with all teams playing twice per day).  All will be played on the waterbase. (Final timings to be confirmed).

The Stick ‘n’ Pitcher and Cafe will be open throughout.

Please give this your full support and ensure it is the success it should be.