November 2010 Discipline Update

(as at 17th November 2010)
Season Number of red cards/MMO reported Disrepute offences reported
2003/04 11 0
2004/05 7 0
2005/06 8 0
2006/07 6 0
2007/08 4 0
2008/09 5 0
2009/10 6 1
2010/11 0 0

Wow, what a start to the season. CONGRATULATIONS all Nottinghamshire clubs and players for the best start to the season in my living memory. Please keep it up NIL red cards is fantastic.

Just in case your club is the first season I suggest Club disciplinary officers and secretaries read the EHB Disciplinary code to check on their responsibilities.

Remember the AGM approved an increase in the administration fee due to clubs to £25.00. For non-payment within 4 weeks of the issued penalty a fine of £5.00 per calendar month or part thereof is levied.

REMINDER if a player of your club receives a red card in any match the club has the responsibility to ensure it is reported to me without delay. If a non-qualified umpire gives the card it is the club of the player receiving who has responsibility to deal with it but it is a good idea to seek advice from me and in all cases you MUST report the findings to me for approval. Clubs must aim to follow the EHB code suspensions.

Keep up the good disciplinary work.

Andrew Barnes November 2010