The Association shall be called the Nottinghamshire Hockey Association (NHA) and shall be a constituent body of Midlands Region Hockey Association Ltd. (MRHA)


(a) Full membership shall be open to any affiliated Club in the County. Any new or merged Club must apply to the Executive for membership.
(b) Honorary Life Membership may be conferred at the Annual General Meeting on any person who has rendered exceptional service to the Association. No Life Member shall be appointed unless he/she is nominated by the Chairman with the approval of the Executive.
(c) Associate Membership shall be open to past players and others interested in the Association whose application shall be approved by the Executive Committee.


The Officers of the Association shall be the following: –

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer

They shall retire annually, but be eligible for re-election.

Any Officer standing for re-election shall not require nomination.


The affairs of the Association shall be administered by an Executive who shall consist of: –

The Officers as defined in Clause 3, the Honorary Chairman or Secretary from each of the Committees appointed by the Council, together with the Representatives to MRHA Council, and Umpires Representatives.

The Executive shall have the power to appoint the Committee Secretaries and their members, the County’s Representatives to any Committees of the MRHA and other bodies and County Disciplinary Administrators.

The Officers of the Association shall be ex-officio members of all committees without voting power.

General Terms of Reference for all Committees

Each Committee shall –

(a) be responsible to the Executive.
(b) act on terms of reference prescribed by the Executive.
(c) after each of its meetings report to the Executive.
(d) make recommendations to the Executive on any matter within its terms of reference and deal with any matters referred to it by the Executive.
(e) not introduce new, or change, policy without approval of the Executive.
(f) not incur any expenditure outside the Annual budget without the approval of the Hon. Treasurer of the Association.
(g) have the power to co-opt subject to the approval of the Executive.


The Council shall consist of the members of the Executive, together with TWO representatives from each Club. They shall meet once a year in addition to the AGM to discuss policy and make recommendations.

Committee Secretaries will report to the Council on the activities and plans of their committees.


The AGM shall be held at least 14 days before the Midland RHA AGM, the books/accounts having been closed on 30th April. Notice of the AGM, together with a copy of the Agenda, shall be circulated to all members at least 14 days before the Meeting.

The business of the meeting shall be: –

(a) Election of Officers: – Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer
(b) Ratification of the Executives’ proposals for the Secretary of each Committee, the Representatives to MRHA Council and the Men’s Midland League Representative
(c) Adoption of the Annual Reports and Accounts
(d) Appointment of the Honorary scrutineer
(e) Determination of Affiliation and other Fees
(f) Consideration of any amendments to the Constitution
(h) Any other business of which due notice has been given. (See 7 below)

Any resolution or nomination for Officers for submission to the AGM shall, unless proposed by the Executive, be submitted in writing by TWO Affiliated Clubs to the Secretary not less than 28 days before that meeting.


Proposals for amendments to the Constitution and any other matters for discussion at the AGM must be duly proposed and seconded by TWO Affiliated Clubs, and notice given to the Hon Secretary at least 28days before the AGM, to enable them to be included on the Agenda.

Any proposed amendment must secure the votes of two thirds of those present and entitled to vote.


A Special General Meeting may be convened by the Honorary Secretary at any time by order of the Officers or upon receipt of a request agreed by the Secretaries of not less than SEVEN affiliated Clubs. Such request must specify the details of the business to be transacted at the SGM.

Within 14 days of the receipt of such request the Honorary Secretary shall give 28 days notice to all members of the business to be discussed. No other business shall be transacted at the meeting.


In addition to the Elected Officers and Executive Members, each affiliated Club may send Two representatives, (who shall be members of the club) with voting power to the AGM, any Special General Meeting and to the Council. Ten voting members shall form a quorum.

Other members may attend as visitors.

No member may cast more than 1 vote, other than the Chairman who shall also have a casting vote.


Each Club shall pay an annual affiliation fee to the County, the amount of which shall be determined each year at the AGM. All affiliation fees must be paid to the Treasurer by teh date prescribed in the affiliation fee invoice.


A resolution to dissolve the Association shall be put to a General Meeting and shall be passed only by the affirmative vote of at least 2/3 of those entitled to vote and voting. If it so decides, Council shall have power to order a postal ballot to be concluded on a prescribed date prior to the General Meeting.

If the resolution is carried, Council shall realise the assets of the Association and shall make provision for and discharge the Association’s liabilities. The remaining assets at the date of dissolution shall be distributed in such manner as shall be determined by a General Meeting or, if such a meeting so decides, by the Council.


The qualifications shall be as prescribed by the EHA.


Disciplinary Regulations of the EHA and MRHA shall apply.