League Rules

The NHA Development League rules are intended to be ‘light touch’ but we do need some!

Please play these matches in the manner in which they were envisaged.  Friendly and inclusive.

Developing hockey for all in Nottinghamshire

The Nottinghamshire Men’s Development League is a league organised by the Nottinghamshire Hockey Association to assist in the development of players, umpires and coaches of all ages and to increase the opportunity to participate in hockey.

Whilst the League has its own rules and regulations, overriding these are England Hockey’s (and MRHA ltd. where appropriate) rules, regulations and discipline procedures.

Whilst we hope all participate in the manner for which this league was initiated, issues should be reported to the league administrator as soon as possible after occurrence in order that the league administrator can investigate. For any decision there is the right to appeal to the NHA Executive committee.

The entry fee is capped at £1 per team, purely to confirm your entry. This will be invoiced alongside your NHA Affiliation fees.

Contrary to what was stated in the 2020 NHA AGM, after further discussion, development teams WILL NOT count as teams towards your club’s COUNTY affiliation fees.  This will be communicated formally when the minutes of the AGM are circulated.

The home team is expected to provide both umpires. The away team may provide one if they desire. This should be confirmed when the fixtures are confirmed.

Working with your club umpire developer, this is a perfect opportunity to allow new umpires to gain some confidence and experience.

Teams will play each other twice, home and away. Numbers depending, an end of season playoff competition may take place. This will be arranged at the discretion of the league organisers, dependent on the number of teams participating.

There is no progression from this league to Midlands. Any entry to the Midlands Men’s League will need to be processed separately, following their processes.

Award of points
3 points for a win. 2 for a scoring draw. 1 for a 0-0 draw.

Final league positions will be decided based upon, Points attained, Goal difference, goals scored, goals conceded (lower is better), record between those teams tied.

Fixtures, Start times, rearrangements, etc
The normal window for fixtures is between 9:00am and they must be concluded by 8:00pm on a Saturday. However, fixtures are flexible and can be played outside these times if both teams are in agreement. Please let the league administrator know of any updated fixture dates and times.

Fixtures should be confirmed by the home team at least 7 days before the fixture.

Results and goal scorers should be forwarded by both teams to the league administrator within three days of the fixture taking place.

Player eligibility
As this is a development league, players must have attained the age of 12 years before they can participate (no exceptions).

Players should be members (or prospective members) of the club they are representing.

We do however understand the need for flexibility in this rule and players can participate outside this rule (except for the age requirement) with both sides’ agreement.