The Nottinghamshire Hockey Association organises the following meetings.

Executive Committee

Usually 3 or 4 meetings spread throughout the year (July, October, February, April).  Discussions on items involving the County, updates from Umpiring Committee, Discipline Officer, League Committees, MRHA Council, Treasurer and Hockey Development Group.


Held annually, usually in November.  A chance for the County Clubs to raise questions of the Executive Committee plus meet them face-to-face outside the more strictly controlled AGM environment!

This is YOUR Association, please make the effort to attend.  If we don’t know what you want us to do or if we are doing anything wrong then we can’t improve!

Annual General Meeting

The very important one! Usually held at the end of April.

Reports from the various County Committees and Executive Officers.

Voting in of Executive Officers.

Special General Meeting

Used in exceptional circumstances in order to carry out business that requires the involvement of the Executive Officers and Clubs.