NWHL Rules

* new rules/changes are in italics

1.1 The league shall be called Nottinghamshire Women’s Hockey League (NWHL)
1.2 The league shall be open to any Women’s Club affi liated to the Nottinghamshire Hockey Association, subject to ratification by the League Management Committee (LMC).
2.1 The League Management Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Nottinghamshire Hockey Association, shall undertake management of the League.
2.2 The LMC will be elected annually at the NHA Annual General Meeting.
3.1 Entry forms to be received by the League Secretary no later than 1st June. Any clubs withdrawing from the League after this date will be fined £25.00
3.2 Each team shall pay the League Secretary an annual subscription, determined by the League Committee and payable by 1st October.
3.3 It is a requirement for any club who intend to field players in a league match who are under 16 years of age to have a Child Protection policy. (guidelines are on the EH web-site www.hockeyonline.co.uk)
3.4 All teams & clubs entering the Nottinghamshire Women’s Hockey League agree to comply with the current requirements of Hockey’s governing body regarding their child protection policy, which every club should have.
4.1 The league shall consist of 4 Divisions, each of which will normally contain 10 teams.
4.2 In the case of the total number of teams not being divisible by 10, adjustment will be made in the lowest division, except where this would make the lowest division non-viable.
4.3 Each team will play all other teams in its Division (home and away) in accordance with the fixture list prepared and published by the LMC.
4.4 All league games shall be completed by 1st April. In exceptional circumstances this rule may be varied at the discretion of the LMC.
5.1 League position will be determined by the award of points 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.
5.2 League tables will be compiled in descending order of points obtained. Where point totals are equal the team with the superior goal difference will assume the higher position. Where points and goal difference are equal the team scoring the most goals will assume the higher position, except in the case of promotion or relegation in which case a play-off will be arranged on a neutral ground.
6.1 Any new team joining NWHL will commence in the lowest Division, except teams relegated from the Midland or Conference Leagues.
6.2 (a) The winner of the Premier Division of the Notts League will be promoted to the Midland Qualifying Conference subject to b) below
(b) Teams relegated from Midlands Division Two will play off with the winner of the Notts Premier Division for a place in the Midlands Qualifying Conference League.
(c) Team(s) relegated from the Midland Qualifying Conference League will return to the Premier Division of the Notts League.
6.3 Promotions and relegations between Divisions will be dependent on:- relegations back into the NWHL from the Midland and Conference League i.e.- teams joining or resigning from the NWHL. Such promotions and relegations shall take account of rules 4.1 and 4.2
6.4 If two teams amalgamate to form one team, the new team should take the highest position of the previous team.
7.1 All players must be registered with the League Secretary not less than 7 days before the first League Game of the season. A blank registration list will be supplied to each Club Secretary for this purpose. Full names must be provided on the list and those same names must be used on the results sheets. Any name changes during the season must be notified promptly to the League Division Representative.
7.2 A photosheet with a labelled photo of each registered player should be submitted to the league secretary by 31st October. Photosheets must be available for inspection at all matches. Failure to comply with either of the above will incur a fine as determined by the LMC and have three points deducted per match.
7.3 Additional registrations must only then be made on the first occasion that an individual plays for a Club by enclosing a properly completed registration form with the result sheet. Do not send separately. Passport photos should be submitted to the League Division Representative with 2 weeks of the first match played.
7.4 Transferred players cannot play a league game for their new club until the acknowledgement of the player transfer has been received back by the new club.
8.1 A team playing an un-registered player will incur a fine to be determined by the LMC and have 3 points deducted per match.
8.2 Clubs with two or more teams in the NWHL are required to star eight of their regular players for each team squad. No starred player can play for a lower team than that in which they are starred.
8.3 Members of teams entered in the National League cannot play in the NWHL. Clubs with teams in Midland League (including Conference) must supply the League Secretary with a list of eight named players (for each team) who cannot play in the NWHL.
8.4 Lists of starred/named players must be received by the League Secretary at least 7 days before the first league match of the season and may be changed again 4 weeks after the 1st league match and / or 7 days before the first game back after the Christmas break. Any other changes to starred players will be considered at the league discretion.
8.5 Starred players are to be indicated on the team sheet, together with reasons for non-appearance of starred players, e.g. A N Other starred player on holiday.
8.6 All other registered players will be eligible to play for any team at any time in NWHL matches subject to the following:-

A maximum of two players named on the team sheet of a higher team in a club can play for the next lowest team in the club on the same weekend. (Excluding substitutes who do not play). Clubs must select players on playing merit and not put players in teams demonstrably below their playing standard.

8.7 The LMC reserves the right to instruct teams to change their starred players where this rule is not being correctly adhered to.
8.8 In the interests of fair play and sportsmanship, application in writing to the League Secretary, in case of injury or other special circumstances, for variation of the above strict procedures can be made. The decision of the LMC shall be final in such matters.
8.9 Clubs contravening any part of this Rule 8 will lose points and be fined as directed by the Committee.
9.1 Matches to be played in accordance with the current rules of the game and associated guidance notes as published by the Hockey Rules Board.
9.2 All games are to be played on an Astroturf or comparable surface, and to commence no earlier than 9.00am and no later than 5.00pm, unless a mid-week evening fixture is agreed.
9.3 Matches should start at the originally confirmed time, although matches delayed by extreme circumstances i.e weather, injury etc by more than 20 minutes should be rearranged for the next available slip date. (See also rule 10.1)
9.4 Failure to fulfil a fixture will result in the non-offending team being awarded the match points and a winning score of 3-0. The offending team will also incur a penalty in line with Rule 13.1 Conceded Fixtures.
9.5 All goalkeepers are required to wear protective headgear – a full helmet, incorporating fixed full-face protection and cover for the entire head including the back. Face masks will not be considered to provide adequate protection. This rule will also apply to “kicking backs”.
9.6 The duration of the game shall be two periods of 35 minutes each. Matches abandoned with less than 20 minutes remaining in the second half, the score at abandonment to count.
9.7 All Clubs shall provide and use goal posts, goal nets and backboard in accordance with England Hockey regulations. The home team shall provide two hockey balls per match.
9.8 All Clubs must provide a suitably qualified umpire for each match even if as a consequence the team plays short. If a player from the team is to be used, she must be acceptable to both Captains. The same two umpires must officiate the complete game. In the event of a team failing to observe this rule and winning or drawing the match, the offending team will be deemed to have lost the match 0-3.
9.9 Teams shall be responsible for their own first aid and insurance cover and entry into the league will be deemed to be acceptance of this rule.
9.10 All players’ shirts must be differently numbered and the appropriate number shown on the Results sheet.
9.11 Where two teams meet having the same or similar colours the visiting team shall change.
10.1 A game may not be postponed for the reason of a side being unable to field a full team. Matches must be played if a team can field a minimum of 7 players, which must include a suitably equipped goalkeeper.
10.2 Weather permitting all matches must be played on the date as notified by the League Secretary. In exceptional circumstances, e.g. the wedding of a team member, and provided that at least 3 months notice is given, application to re-arrange the fi xture can me made in writing to the League Secretary. If the application is accepted the League Secretary will determine the re-arranged date and notify both fixture secretaries. No team may rearrange more than 3 fixtures per season, under this rule.
10.3 Should there be any question of the ground or weather being unfit for play, the decision shall be left to the Captains and Umpires. If a match is postponed, a results sheet should still be submitted by both teams, to notify that the game has not been played and the reason for the postponement.
10.4 Re-arranged games are to have precedence over friendlies and must take place on the next available Saturday. Teams can play on a day other than a Saturday if they prefer to do so, can agree on a suitable date, and this would allow the game to be played earlier. Details of any re-arranged games must be notifi ed to the League Division Representative within 3 days of the postponed fixture.
11.1 One Result sheet must be fully and accurately completed in triplicate by the home team and signed by both teams, with the top copy being sent to reach the nominated League Division Representative no later than the Thursday following the game. The home and away team should retain the second and third copies respectively. The home team will incur a warning and subsequent to that will be punished in line with rule 13.1 if the result sheet is not received fully completed by the due date.
11.2 In accordance with England Hockey rules, offences that result in the issue of a red card by the umpire shall be reported in writing, signed by both umpires and sent to the League Secretary and Notts Umpires Secretary within 48 hours of the match, and noted on the result sheet.
A red card awarded outside of the Nottinghamshire Women’s Hockey League should also be reported to the League Secretary within 48 hours of the match by the club/player.
11.3 All teams will provide a match day mobile and results should be text in to Fixtures Live within 2 hours of completion of the match
12.1 The home team must confi rm match details with opponents at least 15 days before the event. Details required are: VenueTime of push-back, Team Colours (away team to change if clash occurs) Cancellation number (for contact if game in any doubt) Messages left on answering machines, with someone other than the notified Fixture Secretary (e.g. spouse), or sent via e-mail must ask for confirmation that they have been received. If confirmation of original message is not received within 48 hours the League Division Representative must be notified, and they will then attempt to confirm the game.
12.2 Confirmation may be made more than 15 days in advance, e.g. at the start of the season if the above details are known. Any changes to the original confi rmation must be notified at least 15 days before the event.
13.1 The following table provides guidance on the fines associated with failure to meet the requirements of certain League Rules. The LMC reserves the right to adjust these fines and penalties. Please also be aware that for certain offences, as outlined in the rules, points will be deducted or the offending team deemed to have lost the match 3-0.

1st Offence: Fine £5
2nd Offence: Fine £10
3rd Offence: Fine £10 + 1 point deducted
CONCEDED FIXTURES If a game is conceded
1st Offence: Offending Team – Fine £10
2nd Offence: Offending Team – Fine £20
3rd Offence: Offending Team – Fine £20 + 3 points deucted
4th Offence: Offending Team will be disqualified from the league for the remainder of the current season. Re-entry the following season will be into the lowest division.
14.1 Each Club, by its entry to the League, shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the rules.
14.2 In the event of any dispute, which may arise in connection with these rules or matters, the LMC shall determine the action to be taken and be empowered to make any necessary decision. Any complaints should be made in writing to the League Secretary within 5 days of the game.

APPEALS PROCEDURE: Any appeal must be made in writing within 7 days of the original decision to the League Secretary along with a £20 fee. If appeal upheld fee will be returned.

14.3 Clubs will be notified in writing of any proposed changes to League rules and invited to give their comments. The LMC will then make a fi nal decision after having taken all comments into account.
14.4 Any contravention of the rules or any action detrimental to the spirit of the game may result in the forfeiture of the match by the offending team and/or a fi ne being imposed.
15.1 Secretaries position to be held by each club in rotation (Alphabetical Order) suggested length 2yr at a time.
15.2 Trophies will only be awarded to the Winners of each Division. Pennants to be given to Winners & Runners up.